It’s like……

HI! We are basically a post college internet radio station serving Bushwick / Bedstuy for 4 Years strong. Our programming leans heavy towards oldies, indie rock and personal stories with some hip hop & a smattering of new pop music.

It’s called KPISS because we believe in fun and taking the piss out of internet radio & our roots in punk alley which smelled like piss most of the time. We are now in the RV at 603 Hart St Brooklyn New York (across the street from Bossa Nova Civic Club.)

This is an ever evolving female powered organization/collective run by Station Manager/Founder/Janitor Sheri Barclay. It’s not the coolest internet radio station in Brooklyn, but it’s the best. Follow us on social media if you want to join the party : @kpissfm

We love our Pissin’Rs.

If you would like to contribute in anyway, please email [email protected]